Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Egg-stra Fabulous Easter Wreath

We all know that wreaths have been very popular this year. There are all kinds for each season and holiday. I love the look of the yarn wrapped wreaths with the fabric flowers! Simple, but oh so great. Well this is my first wreath. I didn't have any yarn, so I used what I had. I only had to buy the eggs (Half off at the Lobby for Hobbies), and I got a green floral foam circle from the $Store.

Items Used:
Green floral circle
Ribbon (I realized the wider the ribbon, the better it worked)
Easter eggs
glue gun
Yarn (carrots)
Cardstock (carrots)

I used my ribbon and wrapped the circle completely. I used just a dab of glue to complete it. I also left a good 6 inches to I could just use that to hang the wreath.

I was paranoid, so I glue each egg shut, before I glue it onto the wreath. I am not sure if that is necessary, but I didn't want to have to worry have eggs falling off.

I used the mini Easter eggs, and alternated the way they went on. I got to the end and had a hole. If I added another egg, it would have left a weird smaller hole, so I wasn't sure what to do. I then came across these fabulos yarn carrots at Carolyn's Homework. Looked simple enough, and would totally solve my weird hole. So I went and bought yarn.

As you can see, my carrots are not as pretty, but it is really not as simple as it looks!!

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